Merkel Cell Carcinoma


For information about the Merkel virus antibody (serology) test, see the Serology overview page and the Serology FAQ page.

We are physicians and researchers who work on Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare and aggressive skin cancer. If you, your patient, or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with MCC, we hope you will find this website a great resource for information on the many pressing decisions that will need to be made. The information on this website includes frequently asked questions (FAQ) about MCC, the symptoms, causes, treatment and multidisciplinary management by established teams of doctors with expertise in MCC, a glossary of terms relating to Merkel cell carcinoma that patients need to be familiar with, clinical photos of MCC tumors, as well as staging and prognosis information.


To improve the treatment and diagnosis of Merkel cell carcinoma we have formed an MCC Multicenter Interest Group (MMIG) composed of 198 physicians and researchers from many institutions in 10 countries.


MCC patients have a Merkel cell carcinoma discussion/support group at "Google Groups."


Several Seattle-based patients have begun a support group for MCC patients.  They meet each Tuesday in Seattle.  For details, please click here.


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  • On September 8th, 2014, we had our 9th Annual "MCC dinner meeting”. Over 200 patients, family members, clinicians, scientists, and trainees enjoyed a lovely buffet dinner, music, lab tours and a presentation on the status of research and clinical trials in this cancer, sponsored by generous patients and donors.
  • Youtube video of Dr. Nghiem's March 5, 2014 lecture entitled, "Clinical utility of a Novel Assay for Tracking Tumor Burden in Merkel Cell Carcinoma"


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