Merkel cell carcinoma can be indolent: A case with 7 locoregional recurrences over 15 years highlights the importance of patient-tailored management

September 8, 2021


Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Publication Date

September 8, 2021


Breneman A, Akaike T, Paulson KG, Breneman DL, Nghiem P

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Patients who experience a recurrence of their Merkel cell carcinoma are often treated aggressively. We report a case of a man with an unusually long course of MCC over 15 years who had his MCC recur around his face or neck 7 times before eventually developing distant spread. Because he had 4 major medical problems at the time his MCC initially appeared, less aggressive therapies were chosen for his recurrences, and there was no evidence of disease for the vast majority of his 15-year course, during which he enjoyed excellent quality of life.  This case emphasizes the importance of customizing care in MCC to give patients the best quality and quantity of life possible in their particular situation.

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