Navigating Merkel Cell Carcinoma with Dr. Paul Nghiem – YouTube Videos

April 2, 2024

The Seattle Team Merkel YouTube channel has a new series of videos on Navigating Merkel Cell Carcinoma with Dr. Paul Nghiem.

These interviews with Dr. Nghiem cover a wide range of topics on navigating MCC, including up-to-date information on diagnosis, treatment, surveillance, and more.

You can also find these videos on under Helpful Resources –> Videos.

These were put together with the help of JD Walsh, who says: “After my Merkel cell carcinoma diagnosis, I scoured the internet for up-to-date information and personal stories. The interviews I found were either years old or too clinical. That’s why I interviewed Dr. Nghiem – to create videos specifically for patients that discussed the latest developments in the field. My hope is that these videos give those diagnosed with Merkel a better understanding of the significant progress in treatment options over the last decade.”