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The critical first step is to find a Merkel cell carcinoma specialist.

It is critical that each case be reviewed by a multidisciplinary team, including surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and dermatologists with significant experience in managing MCC, in order to develop a plan for the patient.

To find healthcare professionals experienced with Merkel cell carcinoma, start with our list of verified specialists.

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Make sure your primary care team is knowledgeable and takes action.

Merkel cell carcinoma is rare, and it's common for many medical professionals to be unsure of where to start. When a diagnosis occurs, it is imperative that your medical team is knowledgeable and able to carry out an MCC specialist's plan.

Our clinical team recommends that all healthcare providers follow the NCCN guidelines for MCC to bring them up to speed on MCC and how to care for MCC patients.

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Consider joining a patient-based group

A diagnosis of Merkel cell carcinoma is a life-changing experience. Support from others—in the form of advice, recommendations for local healthcare providers, or sharing personal victories—can help ease the burden many MCC patients and their families feel.

We encourage you to make connections; it’s been proven to help.

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The latest advancements in treatment

Genetic Risk Factors for Early-Onset Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Only 4% of MCC cases happen in people under 50 years old – this is called early-onset MCC. Researchers wanted to know if early-onset MCC patients got MCC so young because of any differences in their genes that might make them more likely to develop cancer. In a study of about 1,000 people (37 with...

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Characterization of immunosuppressive myeloid cells in Merkel cell carcinoma: correlation with resistance to PD-1 pathway blockade

Myeloid cells are a group of special blood cells that are important for our body’s immune response. To better understand how our immune system fights off MCC, researchers investigated what type of myeloid cells are important in MCC tumors. They found that macrophages, a type of myeloid cell that e...

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Postoperative Radiation Therapy Is Indicated for “Low-Risk” Pathologic Stage I Merkel Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Region but Not for Other Locations

Doctors often differ on whether patients with low-risk MCC should have radiation therapy after surgery. To help find an answer, researchers studied 147 patients with low-risk MCC, meaning their tumor was small, hadn’t spread anywhere else, and they had healthy immune systems. Among them, 79 got ra...

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