Meet our MCC donors

Peter Stults

What makes life-saving discoveries possible? For patients like Peter Stults, they might say researchers and physicians such as those at UW Medicine. For researchers and physicians, they would say the generosity of spirit of people like Peter.

Peter’s estate gift to the Seattle Merkel cell carcinoma Merkel cell carcinoma A skin cancer composed of cells that look microscopically similar to normal Merkel cells present in the skin. MCC was first described in 1972 and only in the 1990s was the CK20 antibody developed to make it easily identifiable by pathologists. Many doctors and patients are not aware of this cancer because of its recent description and relative rarity (~2,000 cases/year in the US--roughly 30 times less common than melanoma). About 40% of patients treated for MCC will experience a recurrence, making it far more aggressive than most other types of skin cancer, including melanoma. (MCC) Program is exemplary of the many patients and donors who go above and beyond to support the clinical, research and educational missions of UW Medicine.

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