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Medical and Research Teams

Our medical and research teams at the Nghiem Lab are committed to finding the innovations that will fight MCC.

Amy Alering, RN - Clinic Nurse

Amy works with Dr. Nghiem at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Skin Oncology Clinic caring for patients with Merkel cell carcinoma.
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Loveleen James - Patient Care Coordinator

Please contact Loveleen James if you would like to make an appointment for consultation with Dr. Nghiem at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
Phone: phone: 206-606-1062
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Tomoko Akaike, MD - Clinical Research Fellow

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Lindsay Gunnell, MD - Clinical Research Fellow

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Song Park, MD - Dermatologist

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Krista Lachance - Research Manager

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Rima Kulikauskas - Senior Research Scientist

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Candice Church, PhD - Research Scientist

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Thomas Pulliam - MD PhD Student

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Saumya Jani - MD PhD Student

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Haroldo Rodriguez - PhD Student

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Junghyun Lee, PhD - Research Fellow

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Shira Tabachnick-Cherny, PhD - Research Fellow

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Rashmi Bhakuni, PhD - Research Fellow

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Pete Goff, MD, PhD - Research Fellow

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Carina Morningstar - Research Scientist

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Kelsey Cahill - Research Coordinator

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Lauren Zawacki - Research Coordinator

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Alex Fu - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Marika Bierma - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Nikhil Harikrishnan - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Emily Huynh - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Emily Gong - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Ally Remington - Undergraduate Research Assistant

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