Zent family makes generous gift to MCC research

February 1, 2012


Zent Family
This picture was taken in August, 2007, on top of a glacier in British Columbia, where we went fly fishing with Dad. It was our last trip with him. The cancer had so ravaged his body, but as you can see, he never allowed it to touch his spirit!

The Zent family has made a generous gift to MCC research in memory of their father/husband, Larry Zent, shown here on a family trip to British Columbia with his children, Chuck, Kip and Allison.

In describing her family’s decision to make a generous donation to MCC research, Allison Blankemeyer wrote to the Nghiem Lab:

We are very moved by the spirit of your work… During the decade our Dad battled his cancer, we encountered many kind and caring people in the medical field, but all looked at MCC as a death sentence… To hear the hope and positive outcomes you are experiencing in your research is extraordinary. How we wish dad could have been one of your patients!!!

I know this would make my Dad very happy. He was an exceptionally generous man and one of his great passions was “investing in people with vision and talent” and then following their careers. He was a “self-made man” who started with nothing but a hard work ethic and he loved helping people achieve great things… You are clearly someone he would have wanted to know, support and follow… It’s an honor to do this for him.

Very best wishes,

Allison Blankemeyer